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This Program is for International Youth Players who are already part of a Professional club and wish to trial for an
MLS Professional Youth Academy in the USA
, which may lead directly to a Professional Contract with an MLS club.


1. You must be a resident and have a passport from a country that is part of the Visa-Waiver Program . (Click the link to see countries).
2. You must be a player who has been part of, or recently released from a Professional Academy Club in your country within the last year.
3. You must be between 17 and 19 years old. We will need direct permission & authority from a parent/guardian if you are under 18 years old.

4. You must provide written proof from your club and/or your coach at the professional academy in your country (including contact information) 
             All references will be verified and thoroughly checked. It must have a name, phone contact and be written or translated into English.
5.Players selected for this program will be flown to the USA, have accommodation and all meals  & expenses covered for a minimum of 5 days.


Register By Clicking Here

  1. PHASE 1 - Your Information

    PHASE 1 - Your Information

    When you register or contact us, we will evaluate and assess your soccer profile and any video links you have. If you fit the criteria above, we'll make contact with you (and your parent/guardians where necessary) as well as your academy coach(es) after you have supplied all your information. We will interview you via a video call and will discuss the opportunity to be selected to participate in professional academy trials here in the US with MLS club academies. You must not be signed to any other intermediary agent or agency when you contact us, and you must be no younger than 17 years old, and no older than 18 years old in the calendar year. REMEMBER: You must have been born or full resident in a visa waiver country with a valid passport.
  2. PHASE 4 - Planning and Preparation

    PHASE 4 - Planning and Preparation

    What to expect when you start your Pre-Season professional training. The structure of how an MLS roster works with your club contract. The possibility of being transferred/traded and how transfers are negotiated between MLS/USL clubs both domestic, and internationally. General assistance in helping you understand how MLS/USL clubs work, and the rules and regulations for each. Continual communication throughout your contract, with your NWF Agency intermediary. Constant help with any issues that need resolving and always being available to you 24/7-365.
  3. PHASE 2 - The Discussion

    PHASE 2 - The Discussion

    We discuss where you are in your career, and explain how we will obtain a trial at one of the MLS USSF Youth Development Academies. Explain and Inform you of the composition of a roster in the USSF Youth Academy Leagues, including how the players in a relevant squad is structured. Type of program you will be on if contracted to an MLS Youth Academy team. The type of competition you will face and how to make progress to become a full professional. How the rules and regulations work at academy level, and how we will help you negotiate a professional contract, if a club decide to sign you, at the end of the season, or if not, how we could provide alternative opportunities to play and study in the USA.