AJF Agency Has Become

 The NEW WORLD FOOTBALL™ Brand Will Offer it's Range of Services to Professional Players
and the General Soccer Industry in North America and Worldwide.

In the next few weeks and months the transition to New World Football Agency will take place and all strategic partners, players, coaches and clubs around the world will  be advised.
Please use the normal channels of communication on this site for the moment.

Welcome to the
"New World Football Family"


The NWF Agency are seeking to enhance their portfolio of players who wish to play professionally in the United States or around world.
If you are seeking representation we would like to hear from you.

We may ask you to sign a short-term 'Agreement' with us, (on the basis that you have no representation) so that negotiations can take place on your behalf, with a professional club,  who might show a serious interest in you. Alternatively, if you have an agent we will ask for a short term mandate, to introduce you to clubs. We usually do not work with 'Brokers' and/or 'Third parties' unless verified and credible.

You must have played at the highest level at recognized clubs around the world, with a professional profile  and history that can be found on the internet.

We are also interested in youth international  academy/youth players from all countries, including Europe and South/Central America, who are on the verge of being offered a professional club contract, or especially 17 to 19 year old Homegrown or 1st/2nd Year Pro scholars.

NOTE: We offer advice and consultation to any player(s) participating in the USSF Youth Development Academy U16/17 to U18/19  leagues, who have at least a 75% start ratio for their YDA team and/or have been selected to represent their U16 to U19 US national youth teams. If you, your parent/guardian(s), wish to discuss your options please contact us.

                                                                       If you fit any of the criteria above contact us by 'CLICKING HERE'

Our representation will cover:
Contract Negotiation.
Management & Services.
Public Relations & Media.
Sourcing Clubs
Club Negotiation.
Commercial Deals
Financial & Tax Advice.

Please don't hesitate to 'contact' us. We will work with you, if you wish to play professionally
in the United States, Canada, or in any network of countries worldwide.

We strictly adhere and are bound by FIFA rules and regulations regarding the signing of minor players (those under 18 years old)
and will always use industry best practice protocols, while always representing the players best interests